Harness the power of music.

Co-create your SongBrand

Hi,  I’m Lowry Olafson.

I’m a professional songwriter and world-touring musician.

I’d love to help you amp up your brand magic.

Together, we’ll crystallize your message and turn it into a catchy, sticky SongBrand that’ll quickly build trust and credibility – and make you literally UNFORGETTABLE.

Are you standing out from the crowd?

100% of Speakers, Entrepreneurs and Businesses invest heavily in how they LOOK – in their VISUAL Brand.

Carefully chosen colors that reflect their style.
Cool Logos and photos that create interest.
Always consistent. Strategic.

But AUDIO??? That’s a different story.

Most business people these days still haven’t tuned into the power of SOUND to amp up their impact and their profits. 

So they treat music as an afterthought. And end up with a mish-mash of generic soundtracks off the internet, pop anthems – or nothing at all.

What are you missing?

Welcome to SongBrands.

SongBrands are like jingles. Only better.

Stronger. More versatile. More weight.

Each SongBrand is carefully and strategically crafted to capture the essence of your message to use across platforms. From pumping the energy when you …


  • take the stage at live events
  • sizzle reels that actually sizzle.
  • podcast themes
  • Zoom events and waiting room
  • voice mail message
  • leave your audiences humming YOUR song
How would you like to be that recognizable?
That memorable? That trusted?

WHY SongBranding?

Here’s what your SONG can do for you.
This is WHY the big guys are investing in sonic branding more than ever.

Instant recognition

Sound reaches the brain up to 100 times faster than visuals.
Think: McDonald’s, Liberty Mutual, You know exactly who it is in an instant.

Emotion and resonance

Music sets the tone for how you make your people feel – how they experience YOU. One note from the Netflix’s theme is all it takes to help you settle in for the ride.

Trust and connection

Sound fosters familiarity and creates a sense of community or even safety. Think: “I’d like to buy the world a Coke.”

Unforgettable impact

Songs stick. I’m sure you can relate to this one, We’ve all got these songs stuck in out heads. The Oscar Meyer Weiner ong lives rent-free in the brains of an entire nation, decades later.

Ride Hard

Rich Allen

Legacy Business Coach, Author, Speaker, Podcaster

Rich Allen is a powerful keynote speaker, leadership coach and podcaster. He uses a bicycle as a metaphor to make his message crystal clear and accessible.

As someone who is already tuned in to how to pump up the energy for leaders and teams, having his own signature song takes things to the next level – makes him even more relatable, and his message catchy and sticky for his clients and the world.

If you’re looking for a speaker to energize your team and get the wind at your back, check him out on LinkedIn.

“What a super fun experience to work with Lowry on my very own “signature song”! I’m already enjoying sharing it with my clients, workshop attendees and conference audiences. Thanks Lowry!”

Feels Good to Feel Good

Cheryl Meyer

CHealth Museutive Coach, Best Selling Author               CherylmHealthMuse.comm

Cheryl Meyer is a health coach who over-came an immobilizing auto-immune disease at 67 and now at 75, lives a vibrant, pain-free life – all through a significant change in lifestyle and diet. She knows first-hand that it feels good to feel good and has dedicated her life to helping others do that too.

Cheryl wanted a hummable, catchy signature song that would stick in people’s heads and stimulate the happy hormones and “glimmers” that heal your spirit as well as your body.

To  learn more, visit


The song Lowry created for me is perfect for my brand. Its a catchy tune that will live rent free in people’s brains and remind them to make great choices. I’ll use it to introduce me when I speak on stage, before zoom classes, it will play in the waiting room, before my little musing videos on Facebook. It’s my signature song.”

Let the REAL YOU Shine!

Joe Petroski

Expert Intuitive Guide and Healer

Joe Petroski is an Expert Intuitive Guide and Healer who sees, hears, and feels people’s energy.  His intuitive guidance brings fantastic life changes enabling his clients to truly live happy, powerful and abundant lives.

Using his Profound Power techniques he quickly – and often permanently eliminates pain, illness, allergies, migraines and more. Even when nothing else has worked in the past. 

Joe wanted his signature song to crystallize his message, support his clients’ breakthroughs and inspire them to Let the REAL YOU shine.


“Lowry came highly recommended. I understand why. Working with him was quick, seamless and so easy! He heard me and made a couple of suggestions. We discussed a few lyrics and Bang! The song was created! He collaborated so easily and made the adjustments I requested. He and his team are excellent and my song tells and relays exactly what I desire it to! I am grateful for Lowry’s work! “

Get Real

Linda Edgecombe

Change and Leadership Expert, Hall of Fame Speaker, Executive Coach, Best Selling Author     

Linda wanted to create a snapshot of what she brings to the stage – wanted it to be fun, and reflect her personality and content as a speaker. She also wanted her own recognizable theme song as her 20-sec walk-on song/video, that plays just as her introduction has been delivered.

“Having this great video and branded song gave me another tool to add leverage to my website and send to clients, past clients and speakers bureaus. I use it in my Zoom Waiting Room – it’s, entertaining and gives my participants a feeling of the energy they can expect once I hit the virtual stage.”


Lowry is a pro and simply a great human who is very good at what he offers… an amazing singer/ songwriter. He really brought me into the process, something I have never done before. I felt like a co-writer. That’s pretty cool.


Scott Armstrong

CEO MindSwitch Training Inc., Author,  Speaker

“My goal was to create an instantly recognizable brand in my videos and podcasts, and energize the audience when I take the stage – both in-person and virtually.

People remember it and love the energy. More than a few say it plays over in their heads – very memorable.

It’s also been a personal motivational tool that lifts me up and gets me going. I usually play it every day to bring in my focus and up my game.

It’s a North Star for other MindSwitch products too, that gives them energy and edge. A constant emeinder that all aspects of MindSwitch must be unique –  unlike any other. Just like my SongBrand.

“Lowry and his team were great to work with. My SongBrand perfectly captures the energy and the promise I offer my MindSwitch clients – ‘Just getting started!'”

Safety Makes Sense

Tanya Steele

Speaker, Safety Trainer, COR Auditor and Site Visit Mentor

” I wanted to stay ahead of my competition, be unique and stand out in my industry. This definitely set me apart.

The song has gone through my social media quickly. People I hadn’t heard from in a long time reached out– and even quoted lines from my song. LOL

Lowry made me feel confident in the process and my abilities to contribute and  find words to express my goals, my heart and my passion. Being involved in the process and watching his talent unfold before my eyes was truly extraordinary. I had no idea it would be so much fun.

I had a brand song release party, use the Sizzle reel for social media advertising, Zoom waiting room (have had lots of comments on it so far). I have clients and friends that want the sound track to do a “karoke” submission of the song. We may have a competition and award for it.

The time, value and fun I had doing this has ignited some ideas to do another song for my Safety Debris podcast as well.”

“” I wanted to stay ahead of my competition, be unique and stand out in my industry…This definitely set me apart.”

Make Medicare Simple

Nutan Patel

Licensed Medicare Broker, Houston and beyond. (713) 899-0417

Nutan is a licensed Medicare broker who helps stressed clients navigate the complicated maze of American Medicare.

As her SongBrand says, she makes Medicare simple. She cuts through the confusion, sets you on the right course and puts your mind at ease.

When she heard about SongBranding, she didn’t hesitate. “I knew it would differentiate me – let people see I had a fun approach. When I see the benefits, I go all in.”

Nutan chose a “Margaritaville” vibe for her song. As soon as people hear it, they start to tap their toes and relax, knowing their healthcare future is in good hands.

She uses her song across platforms – her website, radio, social media posts, text, email, Zoom waiting room, and voicemail.



“It was fantastic working with Lowry. I’m so excited with this. Thoroughly enjoyed the process.

Seamless, Efficient, and Peronalized.

Let It Roar


Author/Speaker/ Podcaster/ Facilitator: “Courage to Leap & Lead… Redefining Failure into Success”

A cherry on top of your Ice cream sundae marshmallows on your hot chocolate, and BBQ sauce on your ribs. Those are the perfect finishing touches that make a dish memorable.

Lowry does this to your brand; it becomes more potent than your words, locking your brand into the minds of your audience. He brings the final finishing touch to make your brand memorable, surpassing your competition….”


I LOVE this!!

It was such a pleasure to work with you.”

Having A Blast!

Cynthia Shelton

Vibrant Living with Cynthia

Cynthia is a dynamic 79-year old re-wired School Administrator who helps professional women create thriving lifestyles by leveraging cutting-edge products and an engaging entrepreneurial business model so they too can Have a Blast!


Outstanding! I am so proud of my Songbrand. It is so uplifting. I use it in the morning to “set my day” and it gives the folks I am meeting a feeling for who I am before we chat.”

Serious Fun

Michael Kerr

Hall of Fame International Business Speaker. Author of 8 books.

One of North America’s most influential and entertaining workplace culture thought leaders.

“My keynotes are known for their high energy and humour,. I wanted something that would help set the stage right at the start – and give audiences a sense of what’s to come.

A SongBrand was the ideal way to achieve this and set me apart. I knew I could make use of a creative, fun song to help with my online branding as well.

I’ll also be using my SongBrand in all of my online videos, from promo to online training courses – and even with my voice mail greeting.

The song is incredibly catchy and memorable. Audience members tell me the song was stuck in their heads for days, so it’s definitely helping people to remember me, my message, and my persona.

Fears or concerns beforehand?
My main concern was that the song would be viewed as cheesy, but based on the response I’ve received, nothing could be further from the truth!

“It was SERIOUSLY fun working with Lowry to capture my energy, message, and brand in a customized SongBrand. His attention to detail was incredible! Having my own SongBrand will help me stand out in so many different ways.

Because We Care

George Derby Care Centre

Accredited Residential Care Facility, Burnaby BC

Creating this SongBrand for George Derby Care Centre was a powerful way to celebrate both their staff and the veterans who call George Derby home.

This song will live on and continue to honour these amazing people for their kindness and commitment to others.

“Very appreciated. Tears, joy and reflection. You did a fantastic job! The Boards thought it was fantastic too.”


Writing our song with Lowry was a joy. We sat down together, had a wonderful session where he broght to light the words I was expressing. He listened – heard what I said, and we put it out there.”

Ava Turner, Executive Director


What is SongBrand, and how does it work?

Your SongBrand is a catchy, unforgettable song that crystallizes your brand’s message. It makes you stand out from the crowd and creates a lasting emotional connection with your audience.

How can a song help my brand?

Songs create emotion. They are a powerful marketing tool. By transforming your brand message into a catchy tune, you get the attention of your target audience, build trust, and let them actually experience YOU. Songs help your brand stand out in a crowded market, and songs stick.

What businesses, individuals and industries can benefit from having their own SongBrand?

Weather you’re a thought leader or an entrepreneur or business or non-profit, your SongBrand will elevate your brand identity and create a lasting impression on your target audience.

How long does it take to create a custom song for my brand?

The timeline for creating your custom SongBrand depends on the complexity of the project and your specific requirements. Usually, it takes about 3-6 weeks from the initial consultation to the delivery of the final product. We’ll always keep you updated throughout the process and strive to meet deadlines if there’s urgency.

Can I request revisions to the song if I'm not satisfied?

Absolutely! We’re not happy til you are. We want to make sure you’re delighted with your song. We’ll book a follow-up session within a week to address concerns and make changes. We’ll work with you to revise the song til you love it.

What are the costs involved in creating a custom song with SongBrand?

Fee varies depending on the complexity of the project and the specific services you require. We offer various packages to suit different needs and budgets. For more information on our pricing, email Lowry directly.

Do I own the rights to the song once it's completed?

Yes, once the final payment is made, you will have have an international license to use the song however you wish forever. you will never pay lawyers fees or need special permission. You’re free to use it for marketing, advertising, or any other purpose related to your brand.

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