It’s your life!

Make it sing!


Blast past affirmations


Maximize your manifestation


Empower yourself

In your most challenging moments
by putting your words and wishes to music.


Your Chance

to co-create a song that speaks directly to your own soul, guided by a world-touring professional musician,

Lowry Olafson.

Music for manifesting?

Aren’t affirmations enough?

If you’ve made your way to this website,

you’re most likely no stranger to the power of words, intentions, and positivity – but you also know how quickly repeating the same phrase over and over can feel hollow and even futile.

Or maybe you’re up against a real and present challenge,

something that weighs on you – and the visions and statements that once held you up feel inadequate!

Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect way to celebrate a once in a lifetime occasion,

Anniversaries. Weddings, Birthdays, Graduations.
Celebrations of Life. Any important Event or Milestone.

PowerSongs are specifically designed to be sung. And sung often

serving as a anthem for your life, a reminder of what is possible for you, to inspire you to rise to the occasion. To say YES to your dreams and goals.

PowerSongs are like affirmations on steroids

In good times and in bad, in sickness and in health

– there are PowerSongs.

Mary Liz Murphy

became her own cheerleader

after years of doubt-filled entrepreneurship.

Irma Jennings

sings her PowerSong every morning

to keep her focused on what truly matters.

Monique Caissie

even dances along with her PowerSong

to reduce her anxiety and restore her strength.

“I always believed in affirmations. But I didn’t realize how impactful it would be to add music.”


– Monique Caissie

And the impact isn’t limited to just one person.


PowerSongs make wonderful duets for COUPLES

like John and Jennifer …

“Fabulous…a great investment in us.”
John Leech and Jennifer Christenson


PowerSongs make wonderful GIFTS for COUPLES

“Even thinking about our song brings us back into knowing why we fell in love with each other.”
– Patricia and Les Morgan, Calgary, AB



Music is a powerful way to bring a FAMILY together too.

And the Melikian Family plays their song every time they jump into the car for their weekend drive to their vacation home. They even had Lowry create a Video Visionboard to link their precious moments to the soundtrack for their life together.

Absolutely no musical skill is required!

You bring the dream and Lowry provides the rest.

(and makes sure it doesn’t suck!)

Yes, Send me the Free Power Playlist How-to Guide.

And updates from Lowry to help me make my life sing!

Meet Lowry

& The Original PowerSong

With Lowry, your heart is in good hands.

  • Led over 500 songwriting sessions more than 10,000 people
  • Toured the world with his music
  • Released 9 albums
  • Manifested a beautiful home, romance, and career with his own PowerSong

What dreams could a PowerSong uplift?

What memories could be marked with unforgettable music? What hurdles could be overcome


– with your own PowerSong?

Schedule a free 20-minute jam-session

with Lowry to clarify what matters most and learn more about The PowerSong co-creation process.

    Curious about

    how PowerSongs are written?

    “It speaks to me so much. Because those are MY words. That came out of MY mouth, that mean something to ME. It’s something I can OWN. That’s MY song.”

    “Coolest Wedding Gift Ever!”

    The Sinclair Messer family wasn’t sure what to expect

    when they were given a PowerSong as a gift to celebrate their newly blended family.

    But they found unity, excitement, and joy in the process. Each family member contributed and felt heard – and they’ll be singing it together for years to come.

    PowerSongs make phenomenal gifts for the moments that matter most.

    • Times of transition and change, both good and bad
    • Difficult times like illness and loss
    • Significant life events like weddings, graduations, and retirement
    • Starting or growing an entrepreneurial path or passion
    • Someone stepping into their personal power

    PowerSongs for Business.

    Make it unforgettable.

    Get in tune with your team.

    Writing a PowerSong together is a fun, creative, collaborative TEAM-BONDING experience that creates harmony and gets everybody on the same page.

    And it leaves you with an unforgettable SONIC Brand for your organization to build trust in the hearts of your customers for years to come.

    Introducing PowerSongs for Business – the most handheld, meaningful way to create professional music for your company or career.

    “All of the important messages that I really want people to remember are in it…and to all of those brands out there who are thinking of writing a PowerSong – do it! Do it with Lowry.”

    It’s not a jingle, or even a theme-song.

    It’s a mission driven statement about what drives you – and what sets you apart.


    Each PowerSong includes

    • the co-writing session
    • a studio-quality recording
    • sheet music
    • lyrics
    • and more

    Engagements begin at


    and payment plans are available!

    To see if a PowerSong is right for you,

    Lowry recommends a free 20-minute call with him.
    To claim and schedule yours, simply click the button below.

    The Power of

    PowerSongs in practise


    Why aren’t affirmations very effective?

    BS detector, all just thought on the same plane.

    How does a PowerSong differ?

    gets it into your body, involves your senses, transforms your energy

    What if I can’t sing?

    scaled to musical ability and style

    Is the process guaranteed?

    Each song is fully dependent on the participation of the client or recipient. However, Lowry will continue to work on the song until you both love it.

    When is the best time to write your PowerSong?

    When you want to create REAL change in your life. When you need support and inspiration and direction. When the chips are down or you’re just ready to up your game.

    Who should have a PowerSong?

    Anyone who wants to live more fully, crush negativity and take action towards the life they dream of.

    Who owns the PowerSong?

    The copyright is shared 50/50 with Lowry.

    What add-ons are available?

    Video Vision Boards, Ready4Radio “Sounds Like a Hit!” studio production in the genre of your choice, Ringtones and Alarm sounds for your phone, Karaoke track and teaching tool, Sheet music. Your own PowerPage 24/7 access to recordings, lyrics, videos etc.

    Have more Questions?

    Get out of your head.

      Get into your heart.