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It’s your life. Make it sing!

Get the energy, focus and confidence to create the life you dream of.

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Empower your Business

Build deeper ...

Transform into ...

Want to stick around in peoples daily thoughts?

No wonder. Stats say …


If you let yourself DREAM…

What would your life look like? What do you want more of? Less of? What does your heart say?

A PowerSong session with Lowry is like a gentle coaching session that helps you get CLEAR about what really matters. Sets you free to FOCUS on creating the results you dream of.

Can you IMAGINE?

That’s where it begins.


That can be the hardest part.

Whether it’s raising your fees, asking someone on a date, or losing those extra pounds, when you start to dream of better, do you BELIEVE it’s even possible?

Self-doubt. Limiting beliefs. Stuck.

Your PowerSong will be your personal cheerleader. It’ll come to your aid every time you sing or hear it. It believes in you.

Yes, it’s possible. Yes, you deserve this.


Critical voices are never far.

HOW we show up makes all the difference. If you’re fully present, confident and energized, that’s when we make an impact. That’s when things CHANGE.

Your PowerSong will lift you up. Transform your mindset. Ignite your spirit.

Give you confidence to TAKE ACTION in the direction of your dreams.

Say YES to the life you dream of.

Musical Tagline Samples

Listen and feel the Power behind it.

“A comment about this musical tagline “

Chicken Mens Club

by Lowry Olafson

“A comment about this musical tagline “

Your Title Goes Here

by Artist Name

Now it's your turn.

How you can create your Musical Taglines with Lowry…

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Your heart is in good hands.

I help people with no musical experience create PowerSongs to help them create the life they dream of.


Instantly, it lifts you up, puts a sliver of light between you and the critical voices.

Lowry Olafson

Songwriter and Encourager-in-Chief

Empower your Business
A Musical Tagline that burns for brands!

Musical Taglines

It’s your life. Make it sing!

Get Clarity

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Transform your life


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